Grow Jackson So Far

Grow Jackson is only a few weeks old now. We officially incorporated on October 30th. We have learned A LOT about board governance and what it means to run a nonprofit. With that being said we have an incredible group of community members and partners who are valuable resources for information, networking opportunities, and mentoring.

We are making connections, filing forms, opening accounts, and working together as a board to establish a solid foundation so we can go into 2021 ready to implement our programming goals; Food Distribution and Community Gardens. We have already built incredible relationships with community organizations. Grow Jackson is consistently amazed by the collaborative potential of this community. We are excited to keep learning and developing ideas.

We are ready to accept donations, a crucial milestone as we work to build a diverse group of financial partners. Donations made now will be tax-deductible retroactively upon the approval of our forms with the IRS and donors will be notified when that happens. Our goal is to work with donors who are our friends and neighbors in the Jackson community. Together we have the opportunity to improve access to fresh food. For Grow Jackson this means building financial relationships people who believe in our mission, as well as working closely with corporate donors and local businesses. We know our partners are proud to call Jackson home. Many are looking for an impactful way to give back to an organization they can trust who will be a good steward of their financial commitment. Grow Jackson is this organization.

– Jacob Inosencio, Board President