$5 for Fresh Food Success

Grow Jackson’s first-ever campaign, “$5 for Fresh Food” had an overwhelming amount of success in our first week! We already blew past the original December goal of $2,500 and have decided to stay ambitious and expand our fundraising efforts through the rest of the month. The generous support of dozens of Grow Jackson donors hasContinue reading “$5 for Fresh Food Success”

$5 for Fresh Food Campaign on Giving Tuesday

Starting today on “Giving Tuesday”, and ending on December 31st, this Grow Jackson campaign can be found on the campaign tab under “Get Involved”. If you are thinking of giving to a charity this year and have not finalized your plan, please consider Grow Jackson. This campaign supports our operation costs and helps to establishContinue reading “$5 for Fresh Food Campaign on Giving Tuesday”

Grow Jackson So Far

Grow Jackson is only a few weeks old now. We officially incorporated on October 30th. We have learned A LOT about board governance and what it means to run a nonprofit. With that being said we have an incredible group of community members and partners who are valuable resources for information, networking opportunities, and mentoring.Continue reading “Grow Jackson So Far”