Give to Grow Jackson

When you contribute to Grow Jackson you are helping us continue our programing, feed our neighbors, and work on increasing access to a healthy local food system. One of our most successful programs that benefits from this fund is Maria’s Table. Every day, one of our Board Directors Maria Rubio, puts food on a table in her front yard to provide food assistance and relief to her neighbors and anyone else who happens to be driving by. Many people contribute to Maria’s Table but it is a primary way we distribute the fresh food we rescue during the week. These kinds of programs would not be possible without your support.

Community Garden Campaign

The Community Garden Program for Grow Jackson is a core part of the work we do to achieve our mission. Our goal is to raise $20,000 to build and operate four community gardens in The City of Jackson. These gardens will be operated in partnership with community members, The Jackson YMCA, and The Jackson County United Way. Our goal is to facilitate spaces of local food production to engage with the community. This will allow us to spark conversations about the value of growing one’s own food, having more fresh food as a part of a healthy diet, and provide opportunities to access fresh food to food insecure populations.

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