$5 for Fresh Food Success

Grow Jackson’s first-ever campaign, “$5 for Fresh Food” had an overwhelming amount of success in our first week! We already blew past the original December goal of $2,500 and have decided to stay ambitious and expand our fundraising efforts through the rest of the month. The generous support of dozens of Grow Jackson donors has encouraged us and inspired us to expand our efforts to get even more people involved. At this time we are moving our new goal to $5,000. We are still eager to find 500 individual donors who believe in our mission and want to support the work we are doing.

We are close to beginning the operation of our first program, Fresh Food Distribution. This program will exist to save food that is still good but for one reason or another, stores must throw away. Instead of that food ultimately ending up in landfills, our efforts will make sure there is an opportunity for that food to still nourish someone. This saved food will then be cleaned, bagged, and quickly transported to food banks and organizations Grow Jackson partners with. This program will help get fresh food into the community in places that might have previously not had fresh food as an option.

Our efforts would not be possible without the support of an incredible community. At this time we are in search of volunteers to help do this work. We would love to partner with students and young people to help power these efforts. Grow Jackson knows that this year looks a little bit different for students, but for those who still might be interested in service hours this is a great opportunity. Any interested future members of the Grow Jackson team should contact us by going to “Volunteer” under the get involved tab.

As an organization, Grow Jackson is learning a lot. Our application for tax-exemption will be complete soon and we expect to be a tax-exempt organization starting in 2021. We are working hard to expand our board as well. This process involves getting the right people at the table so we can make decisions as a group while considering a multitude of perspectives and ideas. Diversity of lived experiences, education, gender, and race make any organization stronger. Social Justice and Racial Justice are two values Grow Jackson tries to live out every day. That belief starts with our Board of Directors we are working hard to find people who believe in Jackson, believe in the mission of Grow Jackson, and want to make the community a better place.

Grow Jackson is trying to make connections with as many nonprofit and government organizations as well as community leaders as we can. One of Grow Jackson’s values is “Authentic Community Partnerships”. We strive to live out that value as an organization by meeting with people who can give us resources and share their perspectives. This allows us to work every day to be an equitable community-focused organization that is actually meeting the needs of the people we serve.

-Jacob Inosencio, Board President