Our Mission

“To end food insecurity and hunger for Jackson residents by increasing the availability of fresh food and produce through food reclamation, community gardens, and improving infrastructure for produce access”

Ending food insecurity for our community.

Grow Jackson

Grow Jackson is a nonprofit based in Jackson, Michigan, dedicated to ending food insecurity for our community, improving access to fresh food for all of our neighbors, and helping Jackson learn about their food system. We rescue food to be distributed to community members, manage community gardens in The City of Jackson, and participate in, and run, youth education programs to encourage home gardening, food justice, environmental education, and smart diet choices.

At Grow Jackson we believe that access to healthy food is a human right. We believe that equitable access to our food systems is food justice, and food justice is an essential component of community equity and health. We are committed to building a community where these beliefs are a reality for everyone. Our mission is to eliminate food insecurity in our neighborhoods by increasing access to healthy food and fresh produce.
We are committed to carrying out this mission in many ways. Through community gardens, food reclamation, local greenhouses, and by working with other local initiatives we are ensuring food justice for everyone.
“At Grow Jackson we believe access to fresh healthy food is a human right”

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