“To end food insecurity for Jackson residents by increasing the availability of fresh food and produce through food reclamation, community gardens, and improving infrastructure for produce access”

Grow Jackson is a nonprofit based in Jackson, Michigan, dedicated to ending food insecurity for our community, improving access to fresh food for all of our neighbors, and helping Jackson learn about their food system. We rescue food to be distributed to local food pantries, manage community gardens in The City of Jackson, and participate in youth education programs to encourage home gardening, and smart diet choices.

At Grow Jackson we believe that access to healthy food is a human right. We believe that equitable access to our food systems is food justice, and food justice is an essential component of community equity and health. We are committed to building a community where these beliefs are a reality for everyone. Our mission is to eliminate food insecurity in our neighborhoods by increasing access to healthy food and fresh produce.

We are committed to carrying out this mission in many ways. Through community gardens, food reclamation, local greenhouses, and by working with other local initiatives we are ensuring food justice for everyone.

“At Grow Jackson we believe access to fresh healthy food is a human right”

“Growing Food, Feeding Jackson”

$5 for Fresh Food Success

Grow Jackson’s first-ever campaign, “$5 for Fresh Food” had an overwhelming amount of success in our first week! We already blew past the original December goal of $2,500 and have decided to stay ambitious and expand our fundraising efforts through the rest of the month. The generous support of dozens of Grow Jackson donors hasContinue reading “$5 for Fresh Food Success”

Food Distribution

If you are experiencing food insecurity Grow Jackson is here for you and your family. We believe everyone has a right to access healthy food, like the fruits and vegetables we rescue through our food reclamation program, to incorporate in their life as part of a healthy diet.

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  • Contact us directly to learn about ways to access the food distribution network in Jackson
  • A list of our partner pantries can be found under our Food Programs tab.
  • To help bring fresh food to your community members donate or contact us below.

Community Gardens

Grow Jackson is in the process of establishing and operating community gardens in and around the City of Jackson. The purpose of these gardens is not only to increase the amount of fresh produce that is accessible for Jackson residents but also to create ways to regain ownership of our food supply, eat seasonally, and help the environment.

Get Involved

If you want to get involved with food distribution or community gardening contact us below. We love volunteers and we can always use help getting food out to our community members who need it most. If you would like to financially get involved, donate below or on our Donate tab under the Get Involved page. For any donation questions, contact us and we will get in touch with you.



When you donate to Grow Jackson, you are showing your commitment to a healthier community, a more accessible food system, and a better Jackson. We believe in food justice, and together we can achieve that for all of our neighbors. Thank you for helping us Grow Food and Feed Jackson.